LAW course program includes generally 3 courses that is B.A.L.L.B, L.L.B and L.L.M where each course program is of definite year program and civil Law seeks to resolve non-criminal disputes. B.A.L.L.B is a 5 year course program and student can pursue this course program after class 12th. L.L.B is a 3 year course program which is open for graduate’s student to pursue whereas L.L.M is a 2 years course program for the students can pursue this course after completing B.A.L.L.B or L.L.B. The students who are interested for the preparation of LAW course program we provide best practice paper and test series to make your dreams comes true and we also provide proper answer and query related issue in front of you to analyze yourself which surely act like catalyst to boost up your performance concentrate toward your dream. We provide the searching option to choose your area and better coaching institution according to your aspects and follow the institutional procedure. We provide advanced searching option regarding your career with new updates regularly.

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